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Dental Sealants Singapore

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants work as their name implies — they seal and help protect the teeth. Painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth, dental sealants are a thin plastic coating used to prevent tooth decay. The acid solution is put on the chewing surfaces of teeth to make them rougher. This makes it easier for the sealant to bond properly to the teeth. This results in a bonded shield over the enamel of each tooth.

Dental Sealant Cost in Singapore

Dental Sealant               70
per tooth (w/o GST)

This is a fee estimate & subject to change. Please check with your clinician for an exact fee based on your unique clinical condition.

Dental Sealant Process in Singapore

Dental sealants are a solution to tooth decay. Applying the sealant is a simple and painless process that takes only a few minutes and a dentist or dental hygienist will carry out this treatment. Firstly, the tooth is cleaned thoroughly and dried before the dental sealant is applied. Afterwards, the dentist will add cotton or other absorbent material to dry. Secondly, to make the chewing surface of the teeth rougher an acid solution will be used so that the sealant will stick better. Thirdly, the teeth are then rinsed and dried before the sealant is painted onto the tooth enamel. Fourthly, a special intense white light is used to help the sealant harden. Then the dentist will do the final evaluation to check if the dental sealant is hardened enough and if the end product is a strong plastic coating that you can use to chew any food.

Purpose & Importance

Dental sealants are often used as a way to protect teeth from elements that can contribute to tooth decay. Dental sealants are especially useful for children when applied during their cavity-prone years of 6 to 14. At this age, the chewing surface of the tooth erupts.

Brushing and flossing your teeth isn't always enough to get all the food and plaque off of your back teeth. Premolars and molars are the most vulnerable, and sealants "seal out" the plaque and food and add bring protection to those teeth.

The benefit of this is that it can stay in the mouth for up to nine years and according to CDC report, it prevents 80% of cavities for two years.

Dental Sealants for Baby Teeth

Baby teeth play an important role in holding the correct spacing for permanent teeth. If a baby's teeth have deep depressions and grooves, their dentist might recommend dental sealants to help keep the baby's teeth from falling out too early.

Dental Sealants for Adults and Older Children

If the teeth show grooves or signs of immediate decay you can go for sealants. This is possible for older children and even adults. Children from ages six to fourteen of age are ideal candidates for dental sealants. The first molar appears around the age of six and the second one comes around the age of 12.

How long will it stay?

They can help protect teeth from decay for up to 10 years. Your dentist will let you know if it needs any repair in your regular dental visits.

Are they safe?

Dental sealant is plastic (a thin composite resin) and people are aware of the link between plastic and BPA. BPA can cause adverse effects on the brain and cardiovascular system. The American Dental Association, advocate that dental sealants are safe and the BPA present in dental sealants are very minimal. To add to that most people experience more than that in their daily life.

Do they look and feel seamless?

They are unnoticeable and transparent and it is a thin plastic coating, that you will feels smooth and natural. You may even forget with the time that you are wearing a sealant.

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