Invisalign Singapore Cost

The cost of Invisalign treatment in Singapore typically ranges from $4,500 to $8,000.
The cost varies depending on the severity of the case and the length of treatment.

Looking to get started on Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are an innovative teeth-straightening technique. At Smilepoint Dental, we offer reasonably priced Invisalign treatment packages from S$6,900 to S$7,900 that can be paid in monthly installments.

What determines Invisalign cost in Singapore?

The cost will depend on the condition of your teeth and the type of treatment plan that your dentist recommends.

The complexity of the Invisalign Requirement

You will need more aligners and more dental visits to correct severe tooth and jaw alignment issues. You will need to work more closely with a dentist to achieve your goals. The necessary adjustments and aligners may be included in the initial price or may lead to additional charges.

Retainers and aftercare 

You will need retainers to maintain teeth positions after the Invisalign procedure. A set of retainers typically costs between $250 and $700. They have to be worn at least 8 hours per day in the first year. You will also need to take special care of your teeth after the treatment, including frequent brushing, cleaning, and polishing, and maintaining the best oral hygiene.

Initial assessment/diagnostic investigation


  • Upper and lower impressions for study models
  • Two large x-rays (frontal and side view)
  • Initial screening

$195(w/o GST)

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* If the patient does not want to proceed, all the records will be returned to them.
* This is not included in the Invisalign Payment Plan

Invisalign Singapore Cost

Invisalign without Extraction

(w/o GST)

  • Cases which do not need extraction

Invisalign with Extraction

(w/o GST)

  • Cases which do need extraction
  • More complex treatment and additional numbers of aligners required

Student Metal Braces

(w/o GST)

  • Easy Instalments: $200/Month

Standard Metal Braces

(w/o GST)

  • Easy Instalments: $240/Month No time restriction

Invisalign Payment Plan

Invisalign Cost S$ 6,900.00 – 7,900.00 (w/o GST)

Smilepoint Dental is committed to offering exceptional dental treatment at reasonable prices. Invisalign cost at Smilepoint Dental varies from S$6,900 to S$7,900+ (before GST), depending on the severity of each individual patient’s condition.

Included in the treatment:

The Invisalign package includes only the Invisalign treatment.

Treatment Planning $
Digital prescriptions,
treatment planning and clinical checks showing
the 3D simulated outcome
Full lab cost for fabrication of aligners 3000 – 4000


Subsequent Payments
1st aligner issue 1,500
Progress review 1  700
Progress review 2 700

Excluded treatments:

  • Initial assessment/diagnostic investigation – $195.00; inclusive of upper and lower impressions for study models, two large x-rays (frontal and side view) and initial screening
  • Extractions; if needed
  • Dental Treatments (scaling and polishing, fillings)

Insurance & Subsidies

AIA dental Insurance


Smilepoint is an accredited service provider with IHP & AIA Dental Insurance.

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Medisave dental claim


Smilepoint is a CPF Medisave-accredited dental clinic for dental surgeries.

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We are a CHAS-approved dental clinic. We accept valid CHAS, Merdeka and Pioneer Generation cards.

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Baby Bonus Scheme CDA

Smilepoint is a Baby Bonus (CDA) approved institution. You can use the funds from the CDA for dental treatments.

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Clara Li
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philip glickman
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Mohammad Faizal
Great service! Thank you 😁
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Mohanakrishna Tamilaras
Staff were very kind and were informative in dental hygiene.
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Peggy Wong
Dr Mabel was such a gem to my 5 years old ! Highly recommended Very kids friendly environment and the staff are Superb !
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Derrick Wee
Had my teeth whitening done with Dr Mark and I was very happy with the result! The whole procedure was smooth and he made me feel at ease. Dr Mark’s knowledge, skills and kindness is admirable. Friendly staff at Smilepoint Dental too!
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Suraj Patil
Setting up appointment is easy. They will send reminders. Checking in and out is easy and fast. Been seeing Dr Ismeeta for years, fantastic dentist.

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