Invisalign singapore cost
Monday - Friday 08:30-18:30
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Invisalign singapore cost
Holland Village
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Invisalign singapore cost
Invisalign singapore cost
Monday - Friday 08:30-18:30
Saturday 09:00-18:00 Sunday - CLOSED
Invisalign singapore cost
Holland Village
43, Jalan Merah Saga #01-64 S278115

Invisalign Singapore Cost

Invisalign Singapore Cost

Looking to get started on Invisalign?

At Smilepoint Dental, we have reasonably priced packages from S$6900 to S$7900 that can be paid in monthly instalments.

Invisalign Cost at Smilepoint Dental Singapore

Invisalign without Extraction (Cases which do not need extraction)6,900
Invisalign with Extraction (Cases which do need extraction)7,900
Student Metal Braces (Easy Instalments: 180/Month | Strictly weekdays 8.30 AM to 3.30 AM)3,650
Standard Metal Braces (Easy Instalments: 240/Month No time restriction )4,550

Monthly Payment Plans

At Smilepoint, we offer monthly payment plans for Invisalign treatment. Please call 64751028 for more details.

Invisalign Cost S$ 6,900.00 - 7,900.00 (w/o GST)

Smilepoint Dental is committed to offering exceptional dental treatment at reasonable prices. Smilepoint Dental's Invisalign cost varies from S$6,900 to S$7,900+ (before GST), depending on the severity of each individual patient's condition.

Included in the treatment:

The Invisalign package includes only the Invisalign treatment.

  • Clinical check showing 3D simulated outcome + Lab cost for fabrication of aligners
  • 1st aligner issue
  • Progress review 1 
  • Progress review 2

Excluded treatments:

  • Initial assessment/diagnostic investigation – $195.00; inclusive of upper and lower impressions for study models, two large x-rays (frontal and side view) and initial screening
    *If the patient does not want to proceed with Invisalign, all the records will be returned to them.
  • Extractions; if needed
  • Dental Treatments (scaling and polishing, fillings)
Initial Consultation
*Not included in the Invisalign Cost
Initial assessment of teeth condition/diagnostic investigation195
Treatment Planning & Confirmation
*Included in the Invisalign Cost
Digital prescriptions,
treatment planning and clinical checks showing
the 3D simulated outcome
Full lab cost for fabrication of aligners3000 - 4000
Subsequent Payments
*Included in the Invisalign Cost
1st aligner issue1,500
Progress review 1 700
Progress review 2700

What determines Invisalign cost in Singapore?

The cost will depend on the condition of your teeth and the type of treatment plan that your dentist recommends.

The complexity of the Invisalign Requirement

You'll need more aligners and more dental visits to correct severe tooth and jaw alignment issues. To achieve your goals, you will need to work more closely with a dentist. The necessary adjustments and aligners could be included in the initial price or lead to extra charges.

Retainers and aftercare 

You will need retainers and follow-up maintenance following the Invisalign procedure. A set of retainers typically costs between $400 and $1,000. You'll also need to take special care of your teeth after the treatment, including frequent brushing, cleaning, and polishing, and maintaining the best oral hygiene.

Are there any Subsidies to cover Invisalign cost?


Medisave for Invisalign

MediSave for Invisalign? Unfortunately, unable to use Medisave as it can only be used for procedures that require dental or oral surgery,


CHAS for Invisalign

CHAS for Invisalign? Not Available. The main reason for this is that Invisalign treatment is considered "elective,"


AIA insurance for Invisalign

Dental insurance for Invisalign? It may vary based on the dental insurance plan you have chosen. Please check with your insurance provider for more details. Orthodontic care can be covered as an extra benefit.

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