Medisave dental claim
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Medisave dental claim
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Medisave dental claim
Medisave dental claim
Monday - Friday 08:30-18:30
Saturday 09:00-18:00 Sunday - CLOSED
Medisave dental claim
Holland Village
43, Jalan Merah Saga #01-64 S278115

MediSave for Dental Treatments in Singapore

MediSave dental claim

Did you know that you can use MediSave for dental claims to cover a portion of the cost of dental surgeries? Firstly, Smilepoint is a CPF Medisave-accredited dental clinic for dental surgery: therefore, patients who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents can claim part of their surgical expenses from the CPF Medisave Account when undergoing dental surgeries at Smilepoint Dental. Patients who don't have enough money in their Medisave account to cover their dental costs can bill their immediate family members' Medisave account balances. Spouses, parents, grandparents, siblings, and children are examples of immediate family members, and they must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

CPF MediSave Dental Claim - Who Is Eligible?

Are you a Singaporean Citizen (SC) or Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore who has a MediSave account? Then you are eligible to apply for MediSave dental claims as MediSave is the national medical savings scheme in Singapore.

Can I use MediSave for dental?

You can claim Medisave for certain dental surgeries. In other words, you may be able to cover a portion of the expenses If you are planning to undergo dental surgery for medical reasons. However, the withdrawal limit of your claim depends on the type and complexity of the surgery and, of course, the final approval from CPF. There is a list of eligible surgical procedures, and each medical procedure is subject to MediSave withdrawal limits.

MediSave can be used to pay for surgical procedures such as:

Medisave dental claim for wisdom tooth surgery

Wisdom tooth surgery MediSave Claim

Wisdom tooth surgery removes impacted wisdom teeth that are blocked from erupting completely. Therefore, as a Medisave-accredited clinic, patients are able to claim Medisave to pay for their wisdom tooth removal surgery at Smilepoint Dental.

Medisave dental claim for Dental Implant

Dental Implant MediSave Claim

Dental Implants are devices that replace the roots of missing teeth, as a result, they act as a good measure to support crowns, bridges or dentures. It is placed in your jawbone by surgery. This is a more natural and secure method of replacing missing teeth.

Medisave dental claim for biopsy

Dental Biopsy MediSave Claim

An oral biopsy is a surgical procedure to take tissue from the patient's oral cavity to examine, and thereafter a diagnosis can be made.

MediSave for Dental ClaimsClaim Amount
Insertion of Dental Implant(s) - 2CUp to $950 per tooth
Removal of Dental Implant(s) - 1CUp to $450 per tooth
Wisdom Tooth Surgery - Without the division of tooth
Single tooth /2 to 3 teeth /4 or more teethUp to $350/ Up to $1550 /Up to $2150
Wisdom Tooth Surgery - With the division of tooth
Single tooth /2 to 3 teeth /4 or more teethUp to $950/ Up to $1850 /Up to $2600
Guided Bone Regeneration 2CUp to $950
Crown Lengthening - 1BUp to $350
Surgical ConsumablesUp to $300
Source: MediSave Table of Surgical Procedure (TOSP) by Ministry of Health (MOH)

Please Note: The actual MediSave dental claims for each procedure may differ depending on the complexity of the treatment and CPF Medisave’s final approval; therefore, these amounts are only given as guidelines for you to form a general overview. Contact Smilepoint Dental for more information.

Dental treatments that are NOT MediSave-claimable

You will NOT be able to use it for non-surgical treatments including cosmetic or aesthetic dental treatments on the basis that it is not a surgical or medical necessity.

Note: For non-surgical treatments, you can get a subsidised rate if you have a CHAS/MG/PG card. dental treatments available for CHAS subsidy.

How to use Medisave for payment?

It is a common practice for many other dental clinics to collect the full cash amount before processing the claim for dental.
You do not need to pay cash upfront. At Smilepoint Dental, we try to simplify the process so that the patient does not need to come up with cash upfront.

These documents are required To do this, please provide the documents below at the time of/before surgery:

Original NRIC of patient

This needs to be sighted by witness/clinic staff

Original NRIC of Medisave account holder

In the case of immediate family members, they must be either Singapore Citizens or Permanent residents (if the MediSave account holder is not the patient please provide proof of relationship i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate).

Medisave Claim Statement

You need to have sufficient funds in your MediSave account

You can download these medical claims authorisation forms from the CPF website using your SINGPASS by logging onto your account or by going to any of the CPF offices to request a printout.

Please ensure the following:

  • The printout should be dated within 1 month of the surgery
  • The printout should show clearly the IC number, name of the Medisave account holder & the current Medisave account balance
  • Soft copies in USB thumbdrive, and CDs are NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Emails on the day of surgery are also not accepted, the emails need to be sent 1 week before the surgery date to allow our business office time to verify the account. There is no available internet access in the clinic.

To ensure the privacy of patients, Smilepoint will not go into the patient’s account to check the balance.

After submission, the CPF board will inform the owner of the Medisave account in writing of the total amount taken out of the Medisave account.

Make sure to submit these documents before the surgery or else you will have to incur the full payment in cash or Nets.

For the Medisave dental claim, you should submit the documents within 5 working days to allow the use of Medisave. In this instance, consequently, the money can only be refunded in 3 weeks after Medisave approval & banking clearance. The Medisave account holder receives the refund in the form of a crossed cheque to the Medisave account holder’s name, you need to collect & sign it in person.

We also accept other indirect payment options like :

Besides that, Medisave can also be used to pay for certain dental services at dental clinics and medical institutions accredited by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board. As a general guide, dental treatments that involve surgery and are performed due to medical reasons can be paid for using Medisave.

Baby Bonus Scheme CDA

Smilepoint is a Baby Bonus-approved institution. Therefore, funds from CDA accounts can be used for dental treatment of the child and their siblings.


Smilepoint at Holland Village is an AIA-accredited clinic.  as a result, patients with AIA Dental coverage can enjoy treatment under AIA coverage.


We also provide subsidised co-payment options under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) for outpatient dental services

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