Dental Treatments & Fees

Smilepoint Dental provides a wide range of dental treatments in Singapore to meet your oral health needs. Our experienced team can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, from routine checkups and cleanings to more complex procedures. Fees exclude GST.

Dr Andrea doing consultation in Smilepoint


 Consultation Fees$45

** Direct payments only

dental check up singapore

Regular Dental Checkup

 Consult, Scale and Polish package$159
 Topical Fluoride Application
 (for decay prevention if needed)
 Dental Sealants (Per tooth)$70

** Direct payments only

Teeth Straightening – Braces

 Student Braces package
 (off-peak timings)
 Standard Braces package$4550


 Initial assessment / diagnostic investigation$195*
 Invisalign without Extraction$6900
 Invisalign with Extraction$7900

*new patient first visit rate
** Direct payments only

Tooth Repair & Replacement

 Tooth Filling$95–$290
 Composite Bonding$195-$390
 Dental Crown$950–$1,600
 Dental Bridge$950–$1,600
 Dental Implants$4,500–$6,000
 Dental Veneers$1400-$1600

** Direct payments only

Gum Infection Therapy

 Periodontist Consultation$95
 Gum Infection Therapy$280-$350

Teeth Grinding/Mouthguard

 Mouthguard with Soft Material$350
 Mouthguard with Hard Material$500

** Direct payments only


Teeth Whitening

 Clean and Brighten$369
 Express Teeth Whitening + Home Kit$599
 Comprehensive Teeth Whitening$999
 Intensive Zoom Teeth Whitening$1319

** Direct payments only

Oral Surgery

 Tooth Extraction – Children$80-$180
 Tooth Extraction – Adults$95-$180

Wisdom Tooth Removal

 Wisdom Tooth Extraction$250-$350*
 Wisdom Tooth Surgery$1,300–$1,500*

* Specialist Fee Differ

** Direct payments only

Root Canal Treatment

 Anterior Tooth$685
 Premolar Tooth$790
 Molar Tooth$985

** Direct payments only

Children Dental Care

 Kids’ Dental Check-up
 (below 10 years old)

** Direct payments only

painless dental injections

Nervous Patients

 Laughing Gas Sedation$450

** Direct payments only

All above fees & estimates are subject to change. Please check with your clinician for an exact fee based on your unique clinical condition.

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