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Teeth whitening Kit Singapore

Safe and customized teeth whitening kit with in-clinic whitening

Express In-Clinic Teeth Whitening with Take-Home Kit

There is a big difference between professional and at-home teeth whitening but for the best results a combination of the two works wonders; the very reason we at SmilePoint came up with an affordable and convenient package for your teeth whitening requirement, so you can have the best of both worlds. Our dental experts will perform teeth whitening procedures and also provide you with a customised take-home kit, unlike over-the-counter products; you will not overdo it and with our guidance, you can reach the maximum results desired.

In-Clinic Teeth Whitening plus Teeth Whitening Kit Prices


In-Clinic Teeth Whitening + Home Kit


(w/o GST)
Scale & polish
Express gel treatment with LED whitening lamp
Home Teeth Whitening Kit with customised trays
Duration: 60 min
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Teeth Whitening


(w/o GST)
Scale & polish
Comprehensive gel treatment with LED whitening lamp
Immediate Results
Duration: 90 min
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PHILIPS ZOOM In-office Teeth Whitening


(w/o GST)
Scale and polish
Intensive gel treatment with LED whitening lamp
Immediate Results
Duration: 120 min
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What is Included in Express In-Clinic Teeth Whitening with Take Home Kit Treatment ?

Our express in-clinic teeth whitening treatment with take-home kit includes a consultation, cleaning and polish, and express gel treatment with an LED whitening lamp. The total duration of the treatment is 60 minutes. A customised take-home teeth whitening kit will be provided which can be used either daytime or night. For maximum results, the dentist’s instructions should be followed carefully.
Consultation: Prior to any treatment, a thorough examination and diagnosis will be performed at the clinic.
Scale and Polish: We also recommend scaling and polishing before teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening: Express gel treatment with an LED whitening lamp, our expert dentists will assess your condition and apply the right level of whitening agent in a safe and effective manner to target both internal and external stains.
Customized take-home Trays: Our dentist teeth whitening kit comes with customized trays that fit your teeth exactly. This means there will be even coverage across all your teeth and less chance of damaging the surrounding tissues.

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Dental Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit: Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a take-home teeth whitening kit from the dentist?
There is a day or night application which can be used according to your convenience.

1. Thoroughly brush and floss the teeth
2. Insert the gel as instructed with the provided syringe
3. Place the tray against the teeth
4. Wear it for the directed time limit
5. Clean the solution off
6. Store in a refrigerator the remaining gel in and wipe the trays for next time use
What is the best and safest teeth whitening kit?
A dentist teeth whitening kit is the safest and most recommended! The safest teeth whitening kits are the ones from a professional dentist, as it is customised to your teeth it will safeguard and protect your gum. Also, the whitening agents are used in the right amounts. Further, advice from the dentist can save a lot of trouble.
Teeth whitening kit side effects?
Dental teeth whitening kits tend to have very less side effects if used exactly as instructed by your dentist. The most common teeth whitening side effect is sensitivity or irritation which is temporary. If not followed exact instructions from the dentist or whitened your teeth too often with over-the-counter teeth whitening kits may damage the enamel, resulting in bleeding gums, might feel increased tooth sensitivity and even can lead to nerve damage to the teeth.
The best practice is to follow the expert advice from our dentist which will safeguard you and your teeth.
How often should I use a teeth whitening kit?
Take-home whitening kits can be used for up to 2 weeks (14 consecutive days) and should only be used a few times a year.
What time of the day should I use the teeth whitening kit at home?
You can use it either daytime or night. Day Time: 2 to 3 hours a day for half a week - one week: can achieve 4 to 5 shades Night Time: Overnight for half a week - 2 weeks can go for 6 to 7 shades lighter. A good time to use the take-home teeth whitening kit is at night; brushing your teeth will prevent any bacteria build-up, and keeping it overnight will help to preserve the whitening results as you will not consume food and have no chance to form stains.

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