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Teeth whitening Clinic Singapore

We are a dental clinic for teeth whitening with expertise, specialized treatment plans, and transparent pricing.

Comprehensive In-Clinic Teeth Whitening

In-clinic teeth whitening treatment will help you to get rid of stains effectively and whiten your teeth to bring a naturally brighter smile. This is a comprehensive dental clinic teeth whitening solution and our expert dentists will follow the most powerful and effective teeth whitening procedures to achieve the desired results.

Dental Clinic Teeth Whitening Price


Teeth Whitening


(w/o GST)
Scale & polish
Comprehensive gel treatment with LED whitening lamp
Immediate Results
Duration: 90 min
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Teeth Whitening + Home Kit


(w/o GST)
Scale & polish
Express gel treatment with LED whitening lamp
Home Teeth Whitening Kit with customised trays
Duration: 60 min
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PHILIPS ZOOM In-office Teeth Whitening


(w/o GST)
Scale and polish
Intensive gel treatment with LED whitening lamp
Immediate Results
Duration: 120 min
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What is Included in In-Clinic Teeth Whitening Treatment ?

Our comprehensive in-clinic teeth whitening treatment includes a consultation, cleaning and polish, and comprehensive gel treatment with an LED whitening lamp. The total duration of the treatment is 90 minutes. A dental clinic whitening procedure is performed to take away internal and external stains formed in the enamel with teeth whitening gel. We also recommend and have included in the package a scale and polish as part of the treatment, followed by comprehensive gel treatment with an LED whitening lamp.
Consultation: Prior to any treatment, a thorough examination and diagnosis will be performed at the clinic.
Scale and Polish: We also recommend scaling and polishing before teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening: Comprehensive gel treatment with LED whitening lamp

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Teeth Whitening In-Clinic Treatments: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dental Teeth Whitening more Effective than Home Teeth Whitening?
Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure but only if done correctly! Doing it correctly means, using the right amount and proper whitening agents, and also using it without harming your teeth. Not only that, teeth whitening is not a one-off journey. You will need to adhere to instructions to maintain the colour. That is why dental teeth whitening is a more effective option than home teeth whitening.
What is the Safest Way to Whiten Teeth ?
There are much teeth-whitening toothpaste, teeth-whitening strips and kits available to purchase over-the-counter which can be considered relatively safe as it contains a lower whitening agents, but the outcome may be limited.

In a teeth whitening clinic, the dentist-prescribed treatment plan will always give better results as the treatment will be customised to individual requirement and damages to teeth and gum can be avoided with expert handling.
Can Dentist Whiten Yellow Teeth?
Yes it is possible. In in-clinic teeth whitening, dentist can customised the level of bleaching agent required within the safe levels which will penetrate deep into the enamel and removes years of stains. In fact, these solutions have been known to brighten teeth over as many as six to seven shades!
Are Laser Teeth Whitening used in Dental Clinics?
Yes, It is part of the treatment procedure. Laser teeth whitening reduces discolouration effectively and gives your teeth a whiter look. Once the whitening gel is applied, a laser is directed onto the teeth, in return will heat the gel and breaks down the stains. In more scientific terms it activates the whitening properties and alters stain molecules on the teeth.
Will Teeth Whitening harm my teeth?
We all want a smile with a shine but the common question comes, will it harm my teeth? Current research shows no changes to the tooth surface or tooth structure with the use of

10% bleaching gel. Our experienced and professional dentists will always assess your condition before beginning any treatment, so you can be sure that you are in good hands.
What can I do if my teeth are sensitive during Teeth Whitening?
Toothpaste containing Potassium Nitrate or a prescription level of Fluoride can help seal the microscopic tubules (dentin pores) to prevent nerve irritation and sensitivity. There are also professional products available that your dentist can apply to the affected area.
Can I Swallow Saliva During Teeth Whitening?
Yes, it is all right to swallow saliva during teeth whitening. Even if you did swallow teeth whitening gel, it is most probably not enough quantity that can harm your body. Also, a suction device will be used to remove excess saliva during the in-clinic teeth whitening procedure for your comfort.
How long does Teeth Whitening last?
It’s important to have realistic expectations before and after whitening. Generally, immediately after teeth whitening, the colour will fade very slightly. This may remain stable for approximately 2 years, sometimes longer. However, several factors such as your diet and habits (eg. smoking) can cause staining to occur again. We recommend patients get touch-ups every 3-6 months to maintain the desired shade.

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