Ultrasonic cleaner

Improving the cleanliness of your dental appliances with the Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner ensures pristine cleanliness. With ultrasonic waves, you can clean off dirt, grime, and bacteria from dental appliances and even jewellery. Experience the ease of using the Ultrasonic Cleaner to provide you with excellent cleaning outcomes.

How to use:

Before using:

  1. Charge with the cable provided and an Android plug while using the ultrasonic cleaner.


  1.   Place the tray into the machine
  2.   Fill up with room-temperature water up till the MAX line
  3.   Place the retainer onto the tray and cover it with a lid


  1.   Press the power button on the side for 1 to 2 seconds. A green light will be emitted.
  2.   Mild vibrations can be observed when the machine is working
  3. Each cycle takes around 3 minutes and will automatically stop when done
  4. Lightly brush the retainer with a soft toothbrush and rinse before inserting it back into the mouth.