Dr. Marion Dinan

Dr. Marion Dinan, a European family dentist, is skilled at treating adults and young children.
She is very popular with the expatriate community in Singapore.

Dr. Marion Dinan | European Family Dentist | Smilepoint Dental

Dr. Marion Dinan is a European family dentist who is skilled at treating adults and young children. She is very popular with the expatriate community in Singapore and has many referrals, especially from Irish mothers. As a mother of a young son herself, she believes in making every child’s dental visit a successful one. She understands how daunting going to the dentist can be, which is why she takes the time to explain what patients can expect and the various options available to them before the treatment. Nervous patients find her reassuring and friendly, and many have become good friends with her. Whether it is maintaining a healthy set of teeth in Singapore or simply discussing treatment options, Marion offers an honest opinion and is a skilled dentist.

She works part-time at the clinic and is generally available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. To book an appointment with Dr. Marion, please call Smilepoint Dental Centre at 6475 1028 today.

Dr. Marion Dinan is originally from Ireland and has many years of experience working in the United Kingdom and Australia. She graduated from University College Cork, Ireland in 2001. She moved to the UK and worked in private practice before moving to Australia. She has been working in private practice in Sydney for the last ten years prior to relocating to Singapore. Marion enjoys the variety that general dental practice brings and takes care to deliver quality dentistry in a relaxed and caring environment.

She has a special interest in volunteer work and recently traveled to Papua New Guinea to provide dental care to very disadvantaged communities. Marion is committed to keeping up with advancements in dentistry and regularly attends seminars to further her knowledge. In her spare time, she enjoys running, triathlons, ocean swimming, and traveling.

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