Dr. Ismeeta Nundalallee

Dr Ismeeta is a French-speaking dentist (Dentiste Francophone). She graduated from the University of Melbourne, in 2005. She has a wide range of experience in general dentistry, root canal treatment, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and minor oral surgery.

Dr Ismeeta Dentiste Dentiste Francophone Singapour

Dr Ismeeta is a French-speaking dentist (Dentiste Francophone). She graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia, in 2005, and was the recipient of a full government scholarship. The Eurest Australia Scholarship for Best Academic Potential has also been awarded to her.

Dr Ismeeta started her career in Australia and garnered extensive experience practising in both rural and suburban Victoria.

She migrated to Singapore over 11 years ago and has since acquired a wide range of experience in general dentistry and more complex dental treatments, including root canal treatment, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and minor oral surgery.

She regularly attends continuing professional development courses to maintain and upgrade her skills.

Dr Ismeeta treasures the relationships she builds with her patients and aims to treat each patient with a gentle and caring approach. She would often treat parents and their children, and see the children grow up through regular dental visits.

She is a devoted mother of two young daughters.

Dr Ismeeta is a francophone and converses fluently in both French and English. Originally from Mauritius, her first language is French. She enjoys fulfilling the dental needs of French-speaking adults and children in Singapore.

Dentiste francophone à Singapour

Dr Ismeeta est une dentiste diplômée de l’Université de Melbourne, Australie. Elle a reçu une bourse gouvernementale complète et a également reçu la bourse Eurest Australia pour le meilleur potentiel académique.

Elle a commencé sa carrière en Australie et a acquis de l’expérience de la pratique dentaire dans les régions rurales et suburbaines de Victoria.

Elle a migré à Singapour il y a plus de 11 ans et a depuis acquis une vaste expérience en dentisterie générale et en traitements dentaires plus complexes, y compris le traitement du canal radiculaire, la dentisterie restauratrice, l’orthodontie ainsi que la chirurgie buccale mineure.

Elle suit régulièrement des cours de perfectionnement professionnel continu pour maintenir et améliorer ses compétences.

Dr Ismeeta chérit les relations qu’elle établit avec ses patients et vise à traiter chaque patient avec une approche douce et attentionnée.

Elle est une mère dévouée de deux jeunes filles.
Dr Ismeeta est francophone et parle couramment le français ainsi que l’anglais.

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