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Holland Village
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Monday - Friday 08:30-18:30
Saturday 09:00-18:00 Sunday - CLOSED
Holland Village
43, Jalan Merah Saga #01-64 S278115

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Smilepoint Dental is a family oriented dental practice located at Chip Bee gardens, opposite Holland Village.


Dental implants vs Dentures: Which is right for me?

If you have lost most of your teeth and find it hard to smile or eat with confidence, you may wish to get dental implants […]

Braces vs Invisalign: Which is best for my kid?

For those facing dental problems like crooked teeth and bite issues, many find themselves struggling between conventional braces and Invisalign treatment. But which is more […]

Can I still play sports with Invisalign?

Invisalign is the modern go-to method for straightening your teeth without all the downfalls of a traditional metal brace. They’re basically transparent, comfortable and removable, […]

Can I drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removal surgery?

Wisdom tooth removal surgery may sound scary, but it’s probably not as bad as you imagine it to be. For one, it is an outpatient surgery, […]

Should I risk seeing a dentist during COVID-19?

Has the pandemic deterred you from leaving the house unless absolutely necessary, including putting off your dental appointments? Your concerns are not invalid, especially since […]

When is wisdom tooth removal necessary?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars at the back of our mouths and usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. Not everyone will develop […]

Should wisdom teeth be removed before braces?

We often receive questions from parents on whether their child should have their wisdom teeth removed before they get braces. The truth is, there’s no […]

Flying After Tooth Extraction

Many patients have concerns regarding flying after tooth extraction or surgery. Smilepoint Dental at Holland Village offers some tips on managing this. Operating in a […]

Why Flossing Your Teeth Regularly is Important?

Flossing your teeth is arguably just as important as brushing. It serves a dual role of preventing cavities and gum disease. As mentioned previously, flossing prevents […]

Kids Dental Care: Selecting the right dentist for your child in Singapore

Your concerns about the comfort and safety of your child can make choosing a dentist a difficult choice. Children should go to the dentist for […]

Teeth Whitening: The White Way or The Wrong Way?

Have you ever considered having whiter teeth but do not know the right way to go about it? Understandably so, there are a myriad of […]

Amalgam Fillings

Are Amalgam Fillings Safe? Amalgam fillings, also known as metal or silver fillings, are a blend of copper, silver, tin and mercury. This material has […]

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